Friday, May 23, 2008

I Don't Want To...

Unfortunately, I fell off the fitness wagon after the Breast Cancer 3Day last fall. While training I walked many miles a week in addition to yoga and aerobics a few days a week. I made a good effort to eat healthy, nutrient dense foods and drink lots of water. I'll have to be honest. I was afraid of the possibility of dying or needing hospitalization after walking 60 miles. I was scared straight. I was happy to lose weight, but happier about how good I felt.

After several months of eating okay and exercising much less, I feel like the Tinman in the Wizard of Oz. My joints are so stiff they sound like Rice Krispies popping when I walk up/down stairs and do just simple things. Not to mention my stinky attitude.

Last week I started aerobics again, but was afraid to jump right back into yoga. Today I took the plunge. After twisting and bending myself into a pretzel, I really do feel better. My joints are all lubricated and feeling pretty good!

So, here's the question: Why is it that I can know exactly what to do and not do it??

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