Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once Upon A Time When I Was Organized (and other 'In a Perfect World' scenerios)

Once upon a time......I was organized. Well, that's relative, I was relatively organized. I was a pretty efficient multi-tasker. That's not so much the case these days!

I'm stressing less about it all. I'm just kind of accepting this phase: the good, bad and ugly. Acceptance is very hard for me.

In a perfect world I would :
*have a spotless and well decorated home
*have clean and well mannered, well behaved children
*have time to plant a bounty of veggies and herbs growing (successfuly)
AND rotate the plantings seasonally and as needed
*have menus with coordinating shopping lists for months at a time
*have an established cleaning routine and energy to actually do the work
*be able to blog regularly, and cook and craft creatively and regularly
*have a successul skin care and exercise regimen
*master photography
*turn (at least) one of my hobbies into a business
*be able to go junking and repurpose what I've found

In reality, on most days, I'm lucky to get a shower, comb my hair and eat two meals before sunset. As I type, I'm delaying schlepping out to the grocery store.

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