Friday, August 31, 2012

1 is the Loneliest Number

Our sweet baby girl turned 1 this week and boy did I forget what that meant! On her first birthday, she broke the calculator exposing the lithium battery that if swallowed would have likely killed her. The battery compartment was secured with a screw, but I guess she hit it just hard enough in just the right spot to pop it off. Fortunately I was sitting beside her and got it before she noticed what happened. Can someone say baby proof?
We didn't really baby proof our home with the boys. They were active, but as long as the outlets were covered and chemicals were out of reach, they were content banging a car on the coffee table or throwing a ball at the window. This little one is into EVERYTHING! She's an independent explorer--that's for sure! Everything goes in her mouth and she is obsessed with the dog. I constantly find myself telling the Coco to get away from her only to look up and find her following the dog around. Coco even gives me the look, to be sure I know SHE'S not the culprit. I've even caught the baby dropping food over the tray of her walker for the dog to pick up.
This is the first year in three years that Back To School left someone at home with me. This week has been a crash course! On the bright side Baby A will get the same kind of one on one time as her brothers when they were this age. Now I'm off to baby proof the house.


Kacey said...

Oh my goodness, she sounds exactly like Christiana--the getting intomeverything, baby proofing, the dog--I'm for certain everyone kept saying that girls would be easier than boys. Not so far in our world.

1happymommy said...

Yeah…not so sure about the "easier" part. We'll see. :)

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