Thursday, June 28, 2012


June whizzed by. Fortunately we have almost 2 full months of summer left and the bulk of our scheduled activities are over. This month the boys attended a week of soccer camp, a week of VBS (on steroids), and JB is wrapping up his first season of swim team. So far our only days of sleeping in have been the rare rainy days and a few Saturdays. It's been crazy, but not as crazy as having the boys go from 8 hour school days to 8 hour days with mom sans a transition. I'm good, but not that good!

Everyone told me that swim team would be a HUGE commitment and they were right! Daily practices at 8, sometimes 7 a.m. along with Monday meets that last from 3-7 p.m. and require parent volunteers aren't my idea of fun, but have been a great way to expose him to another sport and avenue for channeling his competitive spirit. He's done incredibly well, beating his own personal times and even scoring has high as second place in his event. HIs favorites are freestyle and breast stroke. His least favorite is back stroke.

Baby Girl is hanging right in there with us. Being the party animal that she is, swim meets and taxiing her brothers around is no big deal for her! She naps and eats wherever we land. There's no doubt the third child has to be flexible!

Of course we're still doing school work and piano lessons as well. There'll be no summer lag here!

As for me, I've finished a few craft projects and pinned many more. I've found a few stellar recipes and tossed a few duds. My new favorite is coffee ice cream. I've got big plans for that one! My gardening has taken a dive as the boys told me they saw a snake egg nearby. I'm dreaming of margherita pizza, so I will be tiptoeing out to gather basil. Next up, planning Baby A's first birthday party. I'm so excited to finally get to go overboard with pink!

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