Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You know you're getting older when:

10. Your bones crack and pop when making sudden movements, especially going down the stairs.
9. You've developed an intolerance to a food/drink that you just ate or drank yesterday.
8. You look for something and discover it's in your hand.
7. Mid sentence you forget what you're saying and after trying to remember, you give up and switch topics.
6. You send mail with correspondence and discover (days later) that you forgot to include the correspondence.
5. You're not impressed with the latest and greatest technological gadgets. In part, because you know it will require too much effort to learn how to use it only to have it phase out in a few months.
4. You'd rather deal with a person than computer. No automated recordings, self-check aisles, auto bill pay, etc.
3. You know your doctor and/or pharmacist's first name.
2. You put something away for safe keeping and forget where you put it.
1. When startled, you get so confused you have to stand still and wait for a clue about what you should do next.

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