Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer is in Full Swing


Summer is in full swing. We'll officially start our summer schedule next week, but we've already gone on several outings and enjoyed treats. This is one reason I left the workforce. I'm enjoying sharing experiences with my kids and taking care of my home. I'm finally feeling like priorities are shifting back into place. Now the task will be finding a way to continue this when the school year starts. For now...ahhhhh! I'm going to relax and do what I do!

We've spent our fair share of time at the pool already. Swimming lessons will begin shortly. The boys will also go to Vacation Bible School. One day that week, I will treat myself to a cup of coffee and finally use a gift card that I've been holding on to since March.

We worked on a few pages in our workbooks and built model kits together. I have a list of a lot of other activities that I want to do this summer. On the list are a few cooking projects. So far, I've made ice cream sandwiches and caramel popcorn. Both were devoured in seconds. Together we'll make pickles, ice cream and popsicles. I have a long list of craft projects as well. Needless to say, we'll be very busy! On day 2 of summer break JB announced,"It's only been 2 days and I'm tired!" Ha!

Two of my personal treats are my $2.50 rosemary bush thriving in the flower bed and the dozens of new hydrangeas that bloom every week. The hydrangeas are extra special because last year they didn't grow very well. At the end of the season, the boys pulverized them with the golf clubs and I didn't expect them to survive. To my surprise one of the bushes is almost 4 ft. tall! That's no small feat for someone with a "black thumb".
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