Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Good Things Come to an End

We are on the tail end of the school year (HALLELUJAH) and the first of several bags are packed for our first vacation of the summer. In just a few days, I am officially going to retreat. I am going to thoroughly enjoy not having to visit with some of the school busy bodies and be subject to the endless barrage of questions from random nosey people. One thing that I can honestly say I got from my father was an antisocial personality. Suburbia isn't very accommodating, but you'd better believe I will be fully detached for the next 80 days. Maybe that will give me time to put my game face back on.

I've been people watching for the past couple of months and noticed that many people have a real need to feel important. They'll take extreme measures to be the up front, go to person aka "busy body" all the while greatly exaggerating the importance of whatever it is they're involved in.
Others will go to great lengths to paint a lovely picture of the seemingly obvious pile of crap they're up to their eyeballs in. I'm guessing it's in part to gain attention while making themselves feel better.
Let's not get on the tally keepers. That's old news. They give the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses" a whole new meaning.
Bottom line: people are a trip.

On the home front, my hubby's travel schedule is still burdensome, but I got real with myself today and acknowledged that in a lot of ways it's what I wanted. It will do for now. What we're going through is hardly worth complaining about!

The boys have become a constant source of humor and entertainment. Of course they are increasingly fascinated with bodily functions...farting, belching and the newest one-smelling armpits. My hubby is offended by all of it, but personally I refuse to smell any one's armpits.

So far I have our summer schedule, workbooks, summer tv guide, and outings all lined up. The only things left to do are menu planning and our semi-annual Come to Jesus meeting. I want to be sure we all start on the same page.

Stay tuned...

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