Monday, November 17, 2008

Pull my Finger!

This list sums up little boys and their philosophy on life!!

Farts are fun.
Words naming body parts are hilarious: butt, armpits, crotch... to name a few.
"Find something to do" really means 'wrestle'.
"Find something to do" could also mean 'play football'.
It's more fun to play in the tub than bathe.
The more bumps, scrapes and bruises, the better.
If it's not dead...I'll kill it for you.
If it's not broken...I'll break it for you.
Walking is overrated. Running is much better.
When in doubt, smash it or throw it.
God gave us hands as built in napkins (or kleenex).

Life is too fun to take everything so seriously.

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