Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let's Make Every Day the Fourth!

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Yesterday was by far the laziest day that I've had in a long time! Correction: I did many things, but with my hubby here we could easily tag team kid watching. We started the day with red white and blue parfaits, I went grocery shopping, did lots of laundry and started on the sides for our bbq. It was nice to do things at my own pace without rushing and juggling all of the balls alone. For the next 18 days, we'll have lots of family time. I relish these times, but it's a pretty big adjustment!

We ended the day at a local fireworks show. I guess I'm about as patriotic as the average person, but with a friend's husband serving his third tour in Iraq...I AM proud to be an American. World reports remind me daily that despite the weakening dollar and high gas prices, we still have it pretty good here!

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