Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Forgive Me, Mother, I Have Sinned!

Let me preface this entry with, I am so proud of JB's maturity and kind spirit. He's becoming quite a little gentleman. Lately, he's been bitten by the honesty bug and compulsion to confess.
After several 20-30 minute confessionals each day, I know I couldn't be a priest. Those private moments would bore my ADD brain to death!
On the other hand, these intimate moments are exactly what he needs to see that I'm not the bad guy and provide me with an opportunity to get to know him better. We've had some very neat bonding experiences.
So, as I bite my tongue to avoid laughing at the earnest pleas for forgiveness for: saying, "duh", kicking the wall, climbing the wall, jumping on the bed, and doing other gross boy things that I won't dare share...I will relish every moment of his desire to share himself with me! I've also reminded him that he can always share these things with God, since His forgiveness is all that really matters.

On another note, the housekeepers are coming and I'm not ready! I vowed to organize, but my efforts have gone in vain. We're getting ready for vacation and the school year. Those major events combined with daily living make it kind of difficult! I'm going to keep working at it. Worst case scenario, I can do like everyone else and shove it in the garage for the day! I checked a friend's blog today and she's been on a roll with her organizing...maybe I should see how much she'd charge to come over and do mine for me!

Well that's enough for now. I've got to get busy. One of my other goals was to read a book a week. I don't know where I think I'm going to get all this time from, but hey...it sure sounds good when I'm planning it all out.

Uh, oh. Another confession..."I accidentally put this toy in my mouth and I shouldn't have!" I just want to see how long this lasts...

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