Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School

As we ring in a new school year, I can honestly say that I'm in a different state of mind.  Mid-July "end of summer anxiety" began to arise.  Just as I prepared to lay out a rock solid plan for getting back in the saddle (i.e. freezer meals, schedules, command center, binders, etc.), I decided to let God give me a plan.  I know it was His idea, because I'm a total control freak who thrives on logistics.  Let me clarify, I know God is ultimately in control, but I like to give my 2 cents (or 20).

Initially going with the flow was refreshing.  It was easy to just NOT.  As time passed it became a little more difficult.  What would I fill my all my free time with?  I mean, with nothing to worry or obsess about, what would I do?    I began to say to myself (and aloud), "God will provide".  What do you know?  In those moments, He whispered an idea or solution.  I wrote them all down and continued doing whatever I was doing.

 After three weeks of this, I have quite a few notes.  I'm certain this exercise is preparing me for something.  In the meantime, the peace that has come with following His lead has been well worth any initial discomfort.  My hope is that I can remain in this place for the school year.  I would love to compare the stress level and productivity to years past.

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