Monday, February 6, 2012

Road Trip

What do you get when you mix three kids, a dog and a few hundred miles? A smelly, noisy mess! We road tripped (again) this weekend and it's official…Baby A is fine for the first few hours, but that last one does her in! Like a damsel in distress, she's accustomed to be rescued by the men in her life. Unfortunately, when we're riding in the car there's no rescuing. This makes for a LONG ride.
Between the three kids, I'm pretty sure we could make the round trip without ever stopping to fill up the tank. I have the gassiest kids ever! I once mistakenly sent the boys to bed for foul flatulence only to later find out it was Baby A…oops!
Anyway, back to the RT.
Through multiple stops for ice cream and restroom breaks, fighting over toys, whining about trouble with video games, singing silly songs and beat boxing, and (lets not forget)…"Are we almost there?", I believe God has worked a miracle. I'm not twitching uncontrollably when we reach our destination. Road trips with a family are drastically different from the B.C. (before children) college days! While I'm still not a fan of road trips, I'm accepting the fact that these inconveniences are the things that memories are made of.

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