Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My boys have entered into one of the cutest stages ever, between farting, wrestling and taking crotch shots at each other (that's another post)!

Every day, at least once, one of them says something that has me in stitches. Most often, they don't realize what they've said. They're still very innocent, so even when their comments should be offensive they're usually very funny!

Just the other day, we were grocery shopping and I answered one of JB's many questions with a sharp-witted response. He paused, cut his eyes toward me and asked, "Are you being psychotic?" Of course, he meant sarcastic, but I had to laugh out loud at that one!

Before bed earlier this week, we were having our ongoing discussion about why we can't have a dog. "Dad's not ready for a dog." I told them for the umpteenth time. MC chimed in "Why don't we just sell Daddy and get a dog?" Before I could even respond, JB began analyzing that suggestion. "Well, that would be crazy, because them we wouldn't have any money. Then Mommy would have to work, and we would have to go to day care. It would be hard choosing a day care for us, because we wouldn't have Daddy to help."

Five minutes later, I couldn't believe we were even having a discussion about selling their dad in exchange for getting a puppy. Now, MC laughed after his original suggestion, but JB is very literal, so I'll probably have to reiterate that the idea was just idea.

Believe me, I'm savoring every cute and innocent moment. I know we'll be moving into the next stage soon enough. From what I've seen around town, that's not to be anticipated!

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