Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's That Time Again

Unfortunately, I'm facing the music. The first day of school is right around the corner and I'm fighting the urge to stick my head in the sand.
I've officially started the back to school routine. I'm almost done with school supply shopping and backpacks are being packed. This is the last week the boys will be staying up until 9 pm. Next week we'll resume 8 pm bedtimes...yippee!
Hopefully I'll have time to do menu planning and scheduling. But, if I don't, this year will be the first time in ages that I will have a few uninterrupted hours. Whatever I don't do before school starts, I should be able to finish while the boys are in school.
MC starts kindergarten this year and I'm not sure how his transition will be. He's already announced that he doesn't "want to do the boring stuff" and "it will take too long". So, we'll see. Every time I mention school starting, he quickly reminds me that he's not in school yet. I can just laugh, because he comes from a long line of smart talkers. He's very straightforward, which hopefully won't be misunderstood. He's very honest!
JB, being the social butterfly that he is, is excited about seeing his friends and meeting his new teacher. I'm not sure how excited he is about the work. Last year was pretty demanding, but hopefully now that he has a few years under his belt, he will know what's expected. I sure plan on letting him shoulder more responsibility. It's now or never and I sure don't want to have a grown man coming to "Mommy" asking for help filling out a job application or buying a suit for work...gheesh! Last week he went to piano lessons with only 1 of 3 piano books. Granted, I forgot to remind him to pack them, but where were we going? Lesson learned!
Few things are more annoying to me that watching a grown person need to have their hand held to function. I'll step down from the soapbox.
We have truly enjoyed our summer. We've had fun, grown up (a bit), and of course, learned a lot about each other along the way. I'll try my best to hold on to some of the fun and relaxed attitude from the summer, but I can't make any promises.
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