Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God's Has a Sense of Humor

First, let me preface this post with this: I love my boys!!
But...everyone that knows me knows what a girlie girl I am. As the years have gone by, and with the male additions to our family, I'll be the first to admit I'm becoming less of the "girlie girl" type. I figure it just takes too much effort and a booger picking boy really doesn't appreciate mommy's nice pedicure, as he stomps over toes to find his favorite Power Ranger. It's hard to transform Transformers with acrylic nails. A full face of make-up...melts after hours on the sidelines of youth sports games. Anyway, you get the point!
I've always wanted to have a daughter, in part because I thought it would be really fun. As I enter this next phase of parenting, I'm realizing that it isn't fun until they're older...when you see the real fruits of your labor. Right now it's hard work. But, I still think that a girl would be familiar, comfortable...someone that I could really relate to. However, I don't think that's in the cards for us. And just in case I need confirmation, over the last few years I've developed a bizarre allergy to a chemical in nail polish. Within a day after polishing my fingernails I get this hidious rash on my face and I can't get the smell of the fumes out of my nose. Oddly enough, polish on my toes isn't a problem. Insane!

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