Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Another Week

With another week under my belt, I'm feeling a little more optimistic about things. Winter is almost over and I'm enjoying the sunshine. The school year is almost over and I'm anxiously anticipating a break. Though I'm looking forward to dropping this mundane schedule, I've got to seriously plan our weeks so the boys don't kill each other. Every day feels, looks and sounds more like the WWF Smackdown! I'll do a "dry run" the week of Spring Break.

In addition to my regular tasks I've started several new projects. I'm at peace when I'm creating things. I just made curtains for the dining room.
I'm no seamstress, but this was a pretty simple project. I saw this idea and finally found the perfect fabric.

I've also done some scrapbooking and spent last weekend patching the boys' play jeans. If that's not enough, I'm choosing artwork for the kitchen to complete our mini-renovation. I've been looking for wine label prints. I found photo prints on the web and decided to take my own pictures and have them printed on canvas. Any excuse to buy a few good bottles of wine. Of course, the "good wine" has the prettier labels! By the time I edit the pictures with lighting effects, etc. it won't look like I made it.

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