Friday, October 9, 2015

Perspective is Everything

Earlier this week, MC said something that totally took me by surprise; he usually does.  He's an old soul who has always had a way with words.  He asked, "How do you do everything, almost everything...all of this work and still stay joyful?"  This one little question sent my mind in such a whirlwind I asked at least a dozen questions for clarity. The thing is, although I have an inner joy deep within that keeps me sane (mostly), on any given day I'm pretty certain that joy is camouflaged. So to think that his perception and mine don't exactly match was interesting to say the least.

MC likes calm, steady, predictable, and drama free.  I can actually tell when the household crazy is driving him a little crazy.  No matter how many times  I've lost my cool, complained and just not been very pleasant to be around....joyful is his perception.  Wow!  It really makes me rethink my expectations of myself.

Have you set unrealistic expectations for yourself?  What would your friends and family say?  Would you believe them?  I challenge you to take inventory.  Perhaps it's time to change your perspective.

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