Friday, July 11, 2014

Crafting and Thrifting (Yes, Please!)

Well, I have been doing more than just cooking and eating.  Crafting is therapeutic for me, and I don't do it nearly enough!  I was happy to make this wreath for a dear friend recently.  Just going into Hobby Lobby for supplies has me itching to make another one for myself.  Sadly, the Hobby Lobby employees know me by name.  Even worse, when Baby Girl was an infant, I remember telling someone I was going to Hobby Lobby and hearing her let out a loud shriek as in, "NO!  NOT AGAIN!"  I'm sure it was just a weird reflex, but the idea of her protesting a craft run at 6 months, was  hilarious!!

Another favorite pasttime is thrifting.  I LOVE a bargain.  I've found everything from a silk necktie for a penny (it was priced incorrectly) to expensive formal gowns for $20.  I'm even known to repurpose someone's junk (right off the curb).  My hubby was out one night and rolled past these babies sitting on the curb: a FREE set of 8 iron barstools with two matching pool lounge chairs.  Well, we don't have a pool, but I couldn't get these loaded up into the back of my SUV fast enough.  Never mind the near rigor mortis that it caused in my arms.  With a few cans of Rustoleum and cushions from World Market, they were good as new.  All for my favorite price:  FREE!  I would totally decorate my entire house from consignment and thrift shops, if my hubby would go along.

Now, if only I could knock out a few scrapbook pages.  I'd be set!

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