Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fashion Flub

Toss together 1 ratty hoodie, 1 screen print tee, 1 pair of grass stained jeans, 2 smelly gym sneakers, and  a pair of fluorescent calf length gym socks and what do you have?  A tween!

It's JB's uniform these days, and it drives me bananas!  We've been going back and forth about his school attire, but I conceded after seeing how his peers dress.  What I can't handle is this "get-up" when he's out with me in public.  A few Sundays ago, he chose to wear this to church.  Apparently Sunday mornings bring about various illnesses and ailments that interfere with how decent clothing fits.  In our mad dash to get out the door for church, I honestly didn't notice his outfit until we were walking across the church parking lot.

That started my campaign to do my own version of "Ambush Makeover".  Armed with a few pictures saved on a Pinterest board, we headed to a local H&M.  In anticipation of a growth spurt, I decided against a complete overhaul of his wardrobe.  I just wanted to get a few basic, staple pieces and accessories (hmmmm).    When we stepped into the store, the boys criticized and laughed at everything from the the house/techno music blasting from the sound system to the clothing that I chose. Honestly,  I laughed, because they found it so amusing.   As I suggested shoe options:  driving loafers, oxfords….I realized that I was out of my league.

We eventually left the store with a few items, including a nice pair of red chinos that (believe it or not) he chose NOT to wear the following Sunday.   I decided to hold off on transforming wardrobes.  Besides, the more I thought about it and perused fashion blogs, I got a little nervous about the possibility of turning my little boy into a chick magnet.  For now I'll settle for a nice shower and swipe of deodorant.  Baby steps, right!

But….you have to admit, this looks nice!

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