Thursday, January 3, 2013

Picture Perfect

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS I'd love to blame my obsession with "having more" and "doing better" on the multiple magazine subscriptions that I peruse monthly.  The mere fact that I've received as many as seven monthly magazine subscriptions at once screams obsession, but I digress…

With the flip of each page I'm drawn into perfectly decorated and organized homes, well dressed and behaved children, beautiful meals and stylish wardrobes. Never mind the fact that every bit of the magazine is staged and styled.  Month after month, I forget that minor detail.

 Those perfectly whipped mashed potatoes are, perhaps, not even real potatoes.  That picture perfect family, walking hand in hand down the path at sunset just met before the photo shoot.  Maybe their "authentic" smile has more to do with acting experience and the idea of cashing in a paycheck at the end of the day.  This year I want to focus on being content without becoming complacent.  There's a fine line.  I can't promise that I'll give up my magazines (I'll need a 12 step program ); I enjoy stepping out of reality and seeing fresh ideas, but I will try to keep things in perspective.
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