Monday, January 14, 2013

Hot! Fresh! Popcorn!

vintage popcorn cart I finally got this baby up and running!  I've been shopping around for a vintage style popcorn cart and finally found this one online at Costco.  It was my kind of Black Friday deal!  No need to wake up early and wait in long lines when you can just point, click and have it delivered to your doorstep.
When it arrived, it required minor assembly.  I'm proud to say that I assembled (and re-assembled)it myself.  I don't do assembly! We got it all set up and the kettle didn't heat up---major bummer!  After several calls to the manufacturer and a few weeks, a new kettle came in the mail and VOILA!  It worked like a charm!
We all love it and it will make the perfect addition to our theater room. Hopefully we can start the renovations on that project later this year.  Until then, we'll be popping lots of corn!

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