Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Saw the Light (Switch)

 This is the kind of stuff that will totally tick me off!  Talk about going from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds.  What is it?  A grimy, disgusting light switch.  I must admit, before moving and having a baby things like this were on my weekly list of maintenance cleaning.  Nowadays, I get to it when I notice it.  It just so happened the day that I noticed it, I also walked through the "war zone" that is the boys' bedrooms and bathroom.  I won't even get into details of those areas.  Let's just say I needed to sit down before my pressure entered the stroke zone.
I love all three of my children dearly, but God really tapped into his sense of humor when he blessed me with two boys.  You see growing up, I was the girl that rinsed out the watercolor tray when the colors got all mixed up.  Forget about sharing watercolors.  Fah-get about it!  When I had play dates at my house, I put away all valuables for fear that they would get broken:  you know, valuables like chalk for playing school and special dolls...pretty much everything. As a tween/teen I probably showered three times a day.  Thank goodness we lived on a farm and had our own well for water.  I'm sure my parents appreciated that it was free and God always provided plenty of it for my cleansing rituals.  In school I color coded my folders and notebooks, designating one for each subject.  I'm just anal retentive that way.
So, when I get the opportunity to parent two very rambunctious boys I see a glimpse of living on the wild side.  Boys are very different!  Their idea of clean involves licking and wiping (on themselves).  Anything that doesn't involve animation, bodily fluids or sounds, or full on physical contact is just plain old boring.  I know exactly what lessons I'm supposed to learn from this journey:  relax, take things in stride, have fun, yada, yada....   I've gotten much better, but some days they work my nerves!

Side note:  I was going to write a mushy post about getting paid in hugs, but when I uploaded the picture and thought about it again I wasn't feeling mushy.
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