Sunday, May 13, 2012


I guess all of those childhood summer days spent at Perry's and Fabric Carousel paid off. I remember looking on as my mom perused the huge pattern books. If I got lucky, she would call out the pattern numbers and I would pull the patterns from the cabinets. When I showed interest, she explained how to read the measurements on back. I inherited my mom's sewing machine years ago and took a crash course from a friend. It was very basic, but enough to get me started. I've toyed around with several small projects, so I decided to go for it and make an outfit. I knew that having a baby girl would bring that out. The goal was to get it finished before the church Easter egg hunt. In true mom fashion, I did; I finished the dress and bloomers the night before the hunt. I was proud of the end result, despite tons of mistakes. I found it was pretty easy to cover up the mistakes. Lessons learned for next time: don't use plaid seersucker fabric, pay close attention to body measurements to choose the right size, read ALL directions before beginning. Overall I'll have to say it was fun. It required me to use brain cells that rarely get used. I'll definitely do it again.
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My next crafting feat: Duct Tape wallets for Market Day. For Market Day, the kids worked with buddies to create storefronts for selling goods/services to classmates. They were given a list of suggested sale items. I proposed a few simple suggestions from the list and others that I thought were good ideas. Imagine my surprise when MC came home with the assignment. I think my exact words were: "What? Who the hell came up with that?!" I knew it wasn't something he could do alone, so I made a model and headed out to Hobby Lobby for designer Duct Tape (they make some pretty cool prints these days). For the next two weeks I worked feverishly to finish the wallets. I even Bedazzled a few with gems. MC helped measure out the tape and make a few small cuts with the Exacto knife, but I did the rest. Market Day was a success; He sold out quickly. When he came home with a few of his buddies' wallets, all I could say was......umm....duh..... Anal Annie struck again!

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Kacey said...

Cute outfit! Can I get the duct tape wallet instructions? That'd be perfect for Samuel's cov cash. Right now we just put them in a plastic ziploc lame, right?

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