Friday, April 6, 2012

Vacation Anyone?

Last week my hubby informed me that he has a mandatory training class later in the summer. Corporate wives know to ask, "Where is the training?". For the past year all training has been local. Luckily for us…this year training is in Orlando, just a short drive from Disney World. When I heard "Orlando", I immediately told him we were going to tag along. Even tagging alone beats staying home all week with all three kids ALONE.
We had pretty much decided that taking a vacation wasn't going to be a priority this year, with everything else we've got going on. Now that doesn't mean we don't want or need a vacation, but in the big scheme of things it's just not a priority. I've planned a quick itinerary which will include a few trips to theme parks (of course) and a day trip to Busch Gardens. I think I'm most excited about that because the last time we went, we were high schoolers. It will be pretty cool to go back as a family of five.
I never imagined flying on a plane with a baby, but never say never. I have to admit it will be nice to get away, even if I'll still be on duty. Everyone knows…Mom is always on duty!


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! That's so cool. Ok, how long did it take you to whip up an itinerary? I know the boys are going to be so excited!

1happymommy said...

It was such a pleasant surprise; I had an itinerary done in a couple of days. We waited until we bought the plane tickets before telling the boys. They are SO excited!

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