Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweet Treats


Here's my all time favorite holiday treat: Peppermint Bark! I started making it with the boys, a few years ago, to send their great-grandmother. She'd never had it before, but she loved it. One year she even requested it in the spring. It's virtually impossible to find candy canes in March, so I learned to stock up on a few boxes after Christmas.

Well, every year we make a bigger batch and this year was no exception. With only four days 'til Christmas it dawned on me that we hadn't gotten a gift for our piano teacher or neighbors. I do not break the bank for last minute gifts (it can be so easy to do during this season)! I stopped by the store and got the ingredients: 2 bags of white chocolate chips and 1 box of candy canes. In 30 minutes I had 3 bags of goodies to share.

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Directions: Unwrap candy canes, place them all in a large plastic zip top bag and crush them into small pieces. Melt the chocolate chips in a glass microwave safe bowl for 20 seconds at a time, stirring frequently until smooth. Spread the chocolate evenly onto a sheet of foil (approx 9x13). I use a silicone spatula. Spread the crushed peppermint over chocolate. Lightly press the candy into the softened chocolate. Let set until hardened (about 15 minutes. Break into small pieces.

I packaged the bark in a sandwich sized zip top bag and used scrapbook paper along with a printed message to make a label. Three gifts for $6! You can't beat that!

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