Friday, October 28, 2011

Tricks and Treats: Another Tradition

Two days after we moved into our home the doorbell rang. It was a neighbor, that lived two doors down the street, coming over with her twin boys to introduce themselves. That should have been a sign. Every day for the next week a different neighbor came by at various times of day introducing themselves and bearing baked goods-coconut cake, cookies, you name it; they brought it.
Coincidentally JB ended up in the class with one of the twins, which means every day our doorbell rings, followed by a request for the boys to come over and play. Fast forward to this week. I'm doing the usual afternoon routine: homework, dinner prep., breastfeeding, blah…blah…blah… and the doorbell rings. I go to answer and no one is there. Instead I find:

a box of goodies with a set of instructions. I've been visited by the Halloween Hob Goblin. I'm supposed to copy this sheet, buy three more boxes/bags of treats and surprise other neighbors. Then I have to post a copy of the sheet on my door so "he" doesn't visit again. Okay, I regroup and add yet another thing to my To Do LIst. The next day, what do ya know? I get Boo-ed! Essentially it's the same thing, but the instructions are a little different.

I'm all for traditions and holiday fun, but really? I have about a billion other, more important things to do on my To Do List. My holiday MegaList is three pages long and I'm still working on it. Normally I've already bought Christmas presents, but this year I haven't even started.

If my boys weren't here to witness the new tradition, I would have thrown it all in the trash and plead the fifth. However, I decided to be a good sport. I guess we'll be ringing a few doorbells tonight. Gotta love neighborly neighbors and the suburbs!

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