Saturday, October 1, 2011

Time Waits for No (Wo)Man

As if I needed any excuses to get farther behind on my blogging……my computer is (once again) wigging out! No need to call Geek Squad, the hubster is a tech. genius in his own right and just as soon as college football goes off I'm sure it will move up his priority list. I've been diligently taking pictures and planning the dialogue in my head (that's how I work), so that when I finally get a few minutes I can upload them and type. So, here we are. It's Saturday; everyone's home and our schedule is relaxed, but …..oh well.

Here's what we've been up to:
We finished the first six weeks of school! Hooray….the boys' grades didn't disappoint! (We worked hard enough!)
We welcomed fall with apples and homemade caramel.
We were given a FREE piano. We were responsible for paying to have it moved and tuned…that's all!
Baby A is growing and thriving. I've already made several hair bows and am...ahem… training her to tolerate wearing them.

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