Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Latest on Coco


Is this not the cutest puppy face you've ever seen? Coco is now a year old and Full of herself. She's still trying to figure out the little screaming person in our home, taking all of my attention. When I use my high pitched baby voice to talk to Baby A, Coco comes running. She even snaps and tosses her head side to side as if to will me to pet her.

Well today, all cuteness went by the wayside when Coco, being an opportunistic terrier, noticed the gate was left open and bolted through the neighborhood. The boys were out with her, but had stepped inside to get something. When they returned to call her in she didn't respond. When she didn't return for the sound of the snack bag rattling, I knew she was gone. I immediately went to the front sidewalk to call and shake the treat bag. I didn't see her, but I noticed two teenagers a few houses down. They were looking between two houses and patting their legs as if calling a pet. Just as I headed in that direction Coco bolted out like a bull out of the bucking chute. The more I called and followed, the more she ran. She was in a wild and crazed state darting from yard to yard, stopping just shy of the street. Finally the teens caught her by the collar, she was eager to "play" with them instead of responding to me. They held on to her until I got down there. When I got down the street Coco immediately dropped down, rolled on her back and cocked up her hind leg in a plea to avoid getting punished. I just scooped her up and handed her to my hubby, who met me down the street. Coco and her shenanigans…

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