Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The L Word

The laundry is overtaking me! I'm sure there's a comic strip or cartoon out there that shows a pile of laundry with arms. Well that's how I feel these days. How can little people make such big piles of laundry? For starters…MC has a very bad habit of changing clothes 3-4 times a day, for no reason other than comfort or a "change of heart". Socks…I don't even bother matching them up anymore. We just have a sock basket.
Not only are the piles mounting despite my attempts to stay on top of them, I never manage to have clean clothes. How annoying to wash 10 loads of laundry and not have a single pair of clean yoga pants! (Never mind the fact that I have no intention of actually doing yoga.) Having a new baby just adds to the load. All the burp cloths, washcloths, receiving blankets…yikes!
I was excited to get a high efficiency washer and dryer last year. If only they came with a laundry fairy. Since they didn't I'd better get started on THE LAUNDRY. This afternoon we'll have what I call a BYOB party. That second 'B' stands for basket and I'm sure to get lots of boos!

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