Saturday, September 17, 2011

Backdate...Because I'm too far behind to Update

We're finally getting settled in. School has begun and baby girl is here. Although we're still unpacking, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It took about 11 weeks to sell our old house, which in this market is pretty good. We'd been searching for our new house for a while. Once we got a firm offer, we listed our three favorites homes on the market, scheduled all three showings for one evening and made our decision at the end. It was a lot like watching an episode of "House Hunters". Overall, we're happy with our choice. There are a few things that we settled on and a few things that we'll change, but for the most part we're pleased. We have a lot more space and that was the most important thing!

The boys have adjusted to their new school well. Everything is totally different: rules, procedures, size, climate...everything! Again, for the most's different in a good way. They've made lots of new friends and seem to like their teachers and that makes me happy.

Baby A is growing and changing daily. I guess I know to watch carefully this time around because I know how fast they grow up. I'm trying to appreciate this time, because you never get it back. We're readjusting to sleepless nights, but that comes with the territory. She'll sleep peacefully for hours on her tummy. However, since she's only three weeks old, that's not the safest position unless we're keeping a close eye on her. As soon as she gains more control of her little neck, you'd better believe she'll be on her tummy (if that means Mom gets more shut-eye)!

Hopefully we'll have boxes cleared away by Thanksgiving. I would like to have a nice and festive holiday season (just like you see in magazines), but I'm not making any promises. Besides we have an extra room for storage and three attic spaces, so if all else fails we'll shove the crap out of sight.

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