Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back

Another Christmas celebration is behind us and we had a great time! I survived Christmas dinner without my full sized oven; everything turned out as planned. The epic fail was my attitude. Whoa, PMS at Christmas is just plain ungodly! The older I get, the worse this issue becomes! Of course it's directly linked to hormones, which are changing as I age, but whoa!!
When you're considering assaulting someone because you hear them chewing, I'd say you're hormonal. Ooh, this sounds like the beginning of a very fun list!
You know you're hormonal when:
*You ask someone to do something and finish the request with "--like 10 minutes ago".
*You get so irritated with cleaning, you throw everything in the trash only to look for it and get mad all over again, because you threw it away in the first place.
*You talk to the wall, door, etc., because nobody is listening to you anyway.
*You park in an 'Expectant Mother' parking space and declare you're expecting to open up a can if people don't get right.
*The only thing stopping you from punching a hole in the wall are thoughts of having to clean up the mess, call a sheetrock repair man, and pay the ER copay for a broken hand.
*All sentences begin with "I wish you would..."
The list could go on and on, but at the risk of sounding like I need anger management, I'll stop.

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