Monday, December 13, 2010

Lame, with a Capital "L"

Once again, I've volunteered to be the class room mom. Honestly, I volunteer and get involved to have "eyes and ears" on the ground in the school. I think I'm pretty observant and catch subliminal clues and gestures. So, this comes in handy in terms of warding off issues and staying proactive. Along with volunteering comes the responsibility, which is the part that I could do without! Because I was the only parent to sign up, another mother (and coordinator of volunteers school-wide) agreed to help me, as needed.
First things first, I accepted the responsibility and will not put my name on crap! The children will not miss out or get a shoddy, half done job. But...I don't work well with people. The jury is still out over whether it's perfectionism or just plain old bossiness. Nevertheless, I'd much rather do it all myself and get $1-2 donations.
Last week, I sent home a notice requesting snack donations. Two, count them, two people responded! I understand that it's still early, but either you're going to do it or you're not. It's simple. As I said earlier, I'm fine with doing it myself. What I don't appreciate is people who come up short when it's time to contribute and are overflowing with comments and critiques.
The party will be successful if I have to go out and buy all the rest of the stuff myself. The whole song and dance is just kind of annoying.

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