Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here We Go...

Today was the day we'd been waiting for. Class lists for the upcoming school year were posted. Much to the boys' surprise they got the teachers they wanted. For the past few weeks, they've been using a strategy similar to reverse psychology. Based on past experiences, they figured if they wished for a teacher other than the one that they wanted...they would get the teacher they really wanted! Go figure. They were tickled pink to see their names listed below the teachers that they really wanted thus proving their strategy was successful. Unbeknownst to them I wrote a letter to the principal last spring requesting the teachers that I felt would be best.
What that showed me in the form of a God lesson was twofold. Primarily, the boys thought they were in control of the outcome. In actuality, there was a whole other dynamic, one that they were completely unaware of, that influenced their class placement. Secondly, their strategy of saying the opposite of what they wanted in hopes of getting what they wanted was manipulation. It led me to search myself for all of the times that I've said, believed and even asked God for the opposite of what I wanted. Though it sounds crazy, it's as if this approach also softens the blow of disappointment.
Food for thought, huh?!
Nevertheless, this year is going to be fabulous! Right where we are, I'm going to learn to enjoy the moment. My word for this school year is: Efficient. I was a little off my game last year as there were a lot of changes, but this year I plan to get back on track. I want to continue some of the outings and experiences that we had in the summer. Ten months is a long time to wait to have fun. 2010-2011 here we come!

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