Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Everything Changes

Today I realized that most of the systems that I have put in place to help the house "run smoothly" are no longer working. As the boys get older and we transition to new phases, things have to change. For example, my system for doing laundry. I need a more systematic approach. The way we store toys, gifts and everyday essentials...outdated! I literally spent all day today cleaning and an outsider would never be able to tell. I did, however, see how our systems need tweaking.

This week started out pretty nice. I've made a personal commitment to get more sleep...peaceful sleep. That has certainly helped. I've also tried to continue the lighthearted feel that we all had during the holidays. Well today, public school (never disappoints) threw a monkey wrench in my fun. Once again, I'm forced to stand. I absolutely, unequivocally, positively abhor being in a powerless position without choices. Well, I have a few choices, but...not really. I have to stand! UGGH!

This phase in my life is teaching me some lessons that I've had 30 years to learn. It's teaching me in a way that won't let me miss them. That's no fun!!

On a much lighter note, we're planning JB's birthday celebration. He's so excited! I can't believe he's another year older! I only have a few more things to buy. I'm also NOT making his cake. Whoo hoo! The one we're ordering looks like crap, but that's what they all look like and more importantly I won't be stressed out afterwards.

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