Saturday, January 17, 2009

All Party-ed Out!

We finally made it through our end of the year marathon that carries over into the new year because of JB's January birthday. The party was this week and much duller than I would have liked, but big boys aren't at all into the fluff! We ordered a cake from a local bakery to match the birthday theme. There was some hesitation on my part because I like the end result of the extra effort that goes into me making homemade themed cakes. Note: I said end result.
Well JB went along with the program, but never tasted the cake. Since he loves junk food, I knew there was a problem. Eventually, he told me that he wanted me to make his cake. I think he went along with it because he knew I didn't really want to. Now of course, I feel a heavy load of guilt. I am a huge birthday celebrator! The birthday guy/gal is the star. So, if he wants homemade cakes....sigh....that is my duty.
Today we didn't have any more birthday parties on the calendar, which is a first. I think I'll just enjoy a lazy Saturday that doesn't involved an overstuffed character, lots of screaming, jumping and running around.

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