Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a Lazy Day!

Thank goodness for long weekends! I have enjoyed a leisurely day of folding and putting away clothes, cleaning dark corners and mopping. Not too lazy, huh?
My husband and the Wii are entertaining the boys, for the moment. That is, until they start screaming that one is beating the other.
I find that when you're the mom of two small children and you're scouring bookstores for She's Gonna Blow, a christian book helping moms deal with anger issues, you get lots of sympathetic looks! After stopping at several bookstores, I finally found my copy and read a quarter of it last night.
I'm sure the rest of the mommy population is just as stressed out as me. It's always good to read and refresh with some new ideas and a little cheering on from the "amen corner".
I still haven't started my other blog with ideas, but I will soon. Of course I always bite off more than I can chew!
Speaking of over commiting, I have already started planning the next birthday party (months in advance) as well as the class Valentine's Party and our summer vacation. I tried to relinquish control with my oldest's party and wasn't satisfied so, I must pick up the torch!
* For all future references my kids will be JB and MC.

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