Monday, January 21, 2008


I'm halfway done reading She's Gonna Blow and though it has some good points, it's not exactly what I expected. I find that as long as I'm reading it, I'm cool. Precisely five minutes after I close it, I feel the tension climbing up my neck and settling into my shoulders!

One of my biggest problems these days is dealing with attitudes. I cannot tolerate an attitude coming from a small child. My way of correcting it doesn't seem to be very effective, because it continues. That and disobedience are the two fastest ways to push my buttons and send me into a psycho-crazed mode!

The funny thing is, JB constantly tests me in this area. He pulls out all the stops in public, as if he dares me to respond. Of course, I always do! He hasn't figured out how politically correct and discrete his mama can be. With that said, I still think his "outbursts" are inappropriate and my responses still get unwanted attention/glares. I've just got to stay consistent (as I have been) and trust that we'll work through this. MC is picking up some of his behaviors from his brother, but his personality and temperament are totally different. Overall, he's more compliant.

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